President’s Page

Dear friends,

I am proud to serve you and the California ACDA Board of Directors as the Repertoire and Standards Chair for University and College Choirs. We all know that collegiate teaching often requires us to balance intensive administrative and academic teaching schedules with an equally hectic rehearsal and performing calendar. Too regularly, we find ourselves short-changing repertoire research, score study and rehearsal preparation for committee work and event planning. I will strive to provide a forum for us that will inspire us to better balance our creative and administrative lives. Together we can encourage one another to delve deeper into our musical selves to motivate our students and reinvigorate our own artistic passions. I am happy to serve as a source for your questions about meaningful and creative approaches to repertoire, score study, performing practice, and curriculum. Although my answers will be far from definitive, I promise to do my best to point you toward the most current, highly trusted information available. Likewise, I anticipate gleaning significant and invaluable insight from your contributions and experience! Our musical pursuits are a community effort, and I am proud to be a part of the incredibly collaborative and uplifting California choral community. When we hold one another up, we embrace our entire profession. Please feel free to direct any inquiries or suggestions to me directly:

— Robert Istad

Istad’s Current Musical Reading List

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